Vagus Nerve

The Vagus Nerve is the electrical pathway connecting the Gut/Brain axis together. All responses whether good or bad, happy or sad travel this Highway. Our everyday reactions become habits, influencing our Health for a lifetime. Its amazing how this connection sends messages that can either stimulate us or relax us. These messages play an important role in the health of our mind, body, and spirit. 

When you live in a state of reaction, science calls this a “Fight or Flight” response. Surging of adrenaline drives the Vagus Nerve, affecting digestion, elimination, hormones, acid/alkaline balance, and the ability to rest and heal. Your metabolism is either Sympathetic dominant or Parasympathetic dominant; this pattern drives the brain in all responses.

It is when the Vagus nerve becomes disconnected or weakened, we end up unable to maintain our systems ability to detox, methylate and maintain mineral balance. This Gut/Brain axis then begins a tug or war in an attempt to keep up as the inflammation mounts. The immune system then responds sending out the Army of T Helper Cells, B cells, and Lymphocytes to ward off this enemy called Inflammation. This is also known as a “Cytokine Response” which ultimately develops into an Autoimmune Disease. 

Science is now developing an electrical stimulus that implants under your skin stimulating the Vagus Nerve upon command. This electrical impulse stimulates the nerve to treat Epilepsy, Depression, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and cluster Headaches. People use a hand-held magnet to control the device on their own. I often wonder though if a synthetic electrical impulse would eventually contribute to more weakening of the Vagus Nerve by creating a “Fight or Flight” response to the brain. The creation of this device alone tells me how deep our bodies are under constant stimulus leading to “Burn Out.”  The tranquility of peace, rest, and the “Leave it to Beaver” lifestyle has now become far removed.

See if you can identify some patterns that have become habits which could eventually lead you to a Vagus Nerve Disconnect:

  1. A persistent pattern of negative self-talk
  2. A drive to achieve a goal that was never your motivation
  3. Living in a toxic, abusive relationship, never feeling loved or supported
  4. Loss of connection with real people, instead connecting only through social media
  5. Working in a demanding job climbing the corporate ladder
  6. Surviving on Coffee, Sugar, and Fast Food
  7. Not standing up for your beliefs, instead bending to Peer Pressure
  8. Letting circumstances drive your emotions which develops your character


I not only saw many of the above patterns in myself that had become habits,  but lived out these negative results while I faced my health decline. Today, I practice positive ways to tone my Vagus Nerve giving me the Gut/Brain message of hope, strength, and connection. Below are some of the ways I stimulate my Vagus Nerve on a daily basis: 

  1. Gargling vigorously with water: lean back for approximately 1 minute gargling , repeat x 2 . Many have lost their ability to swallow without choking on food, loosing their Vagus Nerve Tone. 
  2. Singing Loudly or Robustly. You would be surprised what this does to the brain. I now have songs come into my head when I know its time to sing. 
  3. Laughing wholeheartedly out loud. I like to watch funny movies or clip out cartoons that make me laugh. At Wahls Conference we practice laughing for minutes. Just watching everyone laughing makes me laugh (Hilarious).
  4. Deep breathing exercises using the Wim Hof Technique. I practice this daily while walking and exercising at the Gym.
  5. Exercise, movement of any kind. I was unable to work out at the Gym for 4 years although I walked a lot. Now, I go to the Gym for resistance training to stregthen my muscles and build up my core.  
  6. Coffee Enemas stimulate the Vagus Nerve, which detoxes the liver, gallbladder, and produces Glutathione. I spend time daily with this practice which has totally improved my toxin load. 
  7. Cold Showers or Cold Water Submersion tones the Vagal Nerve reconnecting the Gut/Brain axis. Many times you will hear of those who have drowned in cold water but been brought back to life due to the cold water preserving the Brain. The Vagus Nerve is the Control Tower for this axis to all organs. I end my showers with cold water for 1 minute strengthening Vagus tone.
  8. Social time, find a group of people that challenge and inspire you. Spend a lot of time with them and it will change your life (Amy Poehler). While going through illness, I became disconnected. I now choose to spend time with those who will love and support me.  To truly experience personal transformation, we must embark on this Journey with Honesty, Compassion, and Patience as Companions. 

Blessing in Health

Wim Hof (the ice man)

Wim Hof (the ice man)