Toxic Overload

The Toxic Load we are facing today is downright scary! I never would have imagined our world would be at such a place where I could become deathly ill by just stepping into a Building or living in a Home with hidden chemicals my brain would react to on a daily basis. 

Let’s just look at just a few of the known toxins now playing havoc on our immune system, creating daily alarm signals our brain cannot keep up with. Formaldehydes, Phthalates, PCB’s, Dioxins, Pesticides, Herbicides, Petro-chemicals, Molds, Heavy Metals, Benzene, trichloroethylene, Cyanide, Arsenic, Xylene, Styrene, Hydrocarbons, Fluoride, Chlorine, Glyphosate, all damage the Human Cell.  

These chemicals are in everything around us; air, water, soils, food, furnishings, carpets, packaging of our foods, teeth, personal hygiene products, clothing, just to name a few. Our brain sounds the alarm, then the response of inflammation cascades out to the army of protectors attempting to bring the body back into balance. This surge of energy usually comes as a Fight or Flight response robbing our store house of minerals at an alarming rate. As our minerals deplete so do our electrons, the energy source for maintaining our human light bulb. 


When I first started down the road called, “Detox” my body couldn’t keep up no matter what I did. Infra-red Saunas, Epsom Salts Baths, Skin Brushing, Ionic Footbaths, Chi-Machine, Massage Therapy I tried it all. Then I found out I was just recirculating my inflammatory culprits like Mold and Lyme. The Doctor I was seeing at the time in Idaho was Dr. Tony Smith. Dr Smith worked with Magnets to unlock the hold these anerobic organisms have on our Immune System. He said to me, “Your Lyme and infections are gone, but you are circulating their after affects of mycotoxins unable to purge them from your body. I would later find out I carried the worst detox gene called, Dreaded Gene 11-3-52B for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. 

After 6 years of fighting the battle with Lyme, Mold, and a host of other Co-infections with Autoimmune issues I asked myself one question. How can I assist my body and organs to decrease this toxic load from my daily assault? Immediately, one voice came to mind--that of Charlotte Gerson explaining the importance of Coffee Enema’s. I had experimented some with enemas in the beginning of my Journey when I thought I might have Cancer. 


Last April 2018 I went from occasional enemas to daily Coffee Enemas. I decided the hour I spent detoxing would include meditation, breathing exercises, singing, and praising my Creator for all the revelations I was given towards health. This last year has made a pivotal change in decreasing inflammation at a cellular level in my body. The Toxic challenges we are facing today will bring you to a fork in the road. What are you willing to do to regain your health, your brain, your vitality in life? The ability to live without pain, without anxiety, without fear of not knowing what to do, to gain control in the middle of an assault. Don’t let your stigma of Coffee Enemas stop you from reaching a whole new level of vibrant living. 

Blessings for your Journey