Refined Salt


The death salt which is simply manufactured for shelf life. It consists of chemicals: ~39% sodium, ~60% chloride, .01% Iodide and approximately 2% of Ferrocyanide, Aluminum Citrate and Dextrose. 

Salt and the Thyroid


 Vitamins and minerals are necessary for the Thyroid to function properly. Unrefined salt provides the needed minerals for the endocrine system. 

Salt and Water


 The adult human body is made up of approximately 70% water and 250 grams of salt. These two ingredients are necessary for proper detoxification. 

Unrefined Salt


 The salt of life. Unrefined salt contains all the natural minerals the body needs for life. Since the farm lands are so over used, this is your main source of minerals. 

Unrefined Real Salt


At Redmond, we’re passionate about wellness and believe nature has it right with products and people. Real products are rarely the idealized image of perfection that many have been led to believe. 

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Dr. David Brownstein M.D. has great insight in his 2nd edition book on  SALT Your Way To Health.