My Story...

Leaky Gut is a common term used today with those facing any Auto-Immune issues. I faced my own struggles as I battled Mold Exposure, Lyme Disease, Environmental Toxins, Gluten, Glyphosate and the list goes on... The disconnect between the brain and the gut biome became a constant realization for me as the inflammation expressed in my body. I soon learned eating anything that turned to sugar quickly was an enemy. I attempted everything to keep what I ate from turning into yeast and candida. The years I had spent eating the Standard American Diet changed my gut flora, the bad bugs now outweighed the good bugs. 

Leaky Gut I feel is the foremost and most hazardous result facing our health today. The degradation of our gut biome leaking proteins into our circulatory system produces an inflammatory response with a never ending list of diseases to follow. Some, like me, are more susceptible to this inflammatory response, we are called the "Canaries". We sound the alarm and let everyone else know the dangers coming. I responded when I reached my early 50's, my total load of toxins reaching their maximum level (See Renee's Timeline).

I began to look closely at what might be disturbing my Gut Biome, creating leaky gut. I knew the brain and gut worked together so I also dove deep into evaluating what would cause my brain to react affecting my gut. Soon I realized how deep this load had become and what surrounded me in  my daily environment was not promoting safety or protection. I had to look at everything as a whole, not just my diet, but my lifestyle that had contributed to this cascade of inflammation. These large proteins crossing through my mucosal barrier began a surge of attack. Problem being anything that did not look familiar now became a foreign pathogen. These foreign antigens show structured similarities with self-antigens resulting in activation of your immune T and B cells. The brain now sends out messages for attack. whether it is the Myelin Sheath surrounding the Central Nervous system protecting the brain, hormones produced by the Thyroid, or Pancreatic Enzymes affecting insulin resistance---all are under assault.

You can quickly see the importance of our gut microbiome and its integrity. Keeping tight junctions is imperative towards a healthy life. Here are a few areas of change I made over a 7 year period attempting to restore my leaky gut. I want you to realize this is an everyday choice and lifestyle change, preparing for battle, thinking ahead of time for your plan of success.  No one goes into remission and claims I am healed forever--it is a new way of living, thinking, eating, breathing, but in the end its a much better life.  I am always  learning what creates a toxic load in my body. I will forever be researching and reaching towards a vibrant vitality filled life. 

1. Became Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Corn, Sugar, Soda, Alcohol, and Packaged Food Free. Eating only organic and Grass Fed.

2. Stopped the use of all toxic chemicals on my body and in my environment. I switched to natural cleaners, safe makeup and hair products from, safe detergents for laundry and prevention of mold. 

3. Replaced my home filtration with a Carbon Hepa-Filtered System at which took out all off-gassing from offending synthetic materials like glues, formaldehyde, fire retardants, dust and outside smoke. 

4.  Bought a counter-top reverse osmosis  water filtration unit ,removing hormones, chlorine, fluoride, arsenic, pesticides. 

5. Removed all carpets and changed to hardwood floors eliminating my chemical toxic load from synthetic fibers. 

6. Grounded and hardwired all computer devices, telephones, turned off Wi-fi, placed a grounding sheet on my bed and an EMF canopy over my bed for protection against Cellular Satellites and Smart Meters.