My trip to the grocery store obtaining so much produce was overwhelming.  I attempted to eat the 3 cups of greens, 3 cups color, and 3 cups sulfur. Soon after I gave up chewing and made my now famous, "Jungle Smoothie." The only ingredient I have added over the years is Full Fat Coconut Milk, reaching the ketogenic step called, "Wahls Paleo Plus." 

Dr. Wahls Protocol gave me my life back and now has given me a whole new approach to healing and helping others. This last August I attended the "Wahls Conference" in Iowa for a 3 day seminar and workshop for licensed professionals. I became a Wahls Certified  Professional Health Coach. I look back over the years of sickness, loss, and heartache realizing I have come full circle. Back to my early childhood when I was 8 years old wanting to help others with their health. 

I have changed Western Medicine for Holistic Health giving the body what it can recognize as real food to heal on its own. I treat my body much better than I used to, I don't take anything for granted. I think about what I put in my mouth, on my skin, in my home... who I choose to associate with, avoiding toxic relationships with no love or support. I think about what my body needs, the importance of sleep, time to relax, time to take care of myself, love myself, and most of all believe in myself. 

I would so love to help you in your journey of healing. I have studied health now for over 40 years, worked with numerous patients and their families, been in the trenches of trial and error, studied top functional medicine experts, and seen healing  not only in my health but also in those who have healed before me. I know one thing, you can empower yourself to change your outcome. All great things begin on the inside. One step forward with belief. I wish I had someone who was there to encourage me on  my road to recovery. The Lord knew someday I would be preparing to help you. My time of awakening has brought me to you, now is your time for change. 

Blessings for your Journey