Daily Decisions...

High carb desserts, casseroles, root-beer floats on a hot summer day, they all came with memories. I loved to cook, having others to dinner, entertaining on holidays.  I found myself with the necessity to change my daily decisions. I never imagined it would be such a struggle until I failed over and over...

It was a whole new way of thinking, at first all I could feel was more loss. Time after time I would make up excuses to have those sweets, processed foods, chips was my worse. I missed the sound of crunching and the texture on my tongue. I missed the memories while eating or drinking those foods. I was an addict to years of feeding my body what it could not recognize as real. 

I felt deceived, lied to, uneducated, I wanted to blame someone, but there was no one left to blame except myself. The only thing left to do was change direction, so I began the process of turning the corner in a whole new approach to living. I looked for recipes that would feed my mitochondria, nourish me at the cellular level, give me the vitamins and minerals my body needed for healing.

I found a book by Dr. Terry Wahls, called, "Minding My Mitochondria" a physician who had progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Dr. Wahls was in a tilt reclining wheelchair, she talked about the nutrients the body needed at the inner most structure, the mitochondria.  I loved science, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, all the schooling I did for Nursing came rushing back. I could understand what this meant, I followed her writing like a dog on a bone. Dr. Wahls passion for health became my passion, her direction became my direction.  I now had someone in my corner, I was not going to let this go. 

Find out how food became my medicine as I chose the road for recovery instead of addiction.