Mineral Depletion


The Food we eat today can be one of two choices. The first being real food that energizes our cells producing electrons from life sustaining minerals. Or, the second being processed fake food that is addictive, a drug, full of ingredients producing life long illness and considered, “Dead Food “.  

As I journeyed through my declining Health I had to re-educate the importance of what would feed my body down to the cellular Mitochondria. I began to study Minerals under the direction of Dr. Dave Watts founder of Trace Elements Lab. I studied each individual mineral to understand what would happen to my health if this was lacking in my food. As I began to test my own Hair, Tissue, Mineral Analysis, it became evident how I was eating did not nourish my body. Each mineral is vital for the communication with; nerves, brain, gut microbiome, enzymes, and detox pathways. Minerals work in ratios, which means you can not take just one mineral without it affecting the rest. Either synergistically or antagonistically minerals affect the rise and fall of its counterparts. 

 As my understanding of minerals grew with the teaching of Dr. Watts I discovered just where the source of our energy came from, the Dirt. Who would think Dirt would contribute to our well-being and protection.  But yet, today our soils are over produced, leaching important minerals and enzymes our bodies need.  There are actually 52 minerals our soils need. Today though ,Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium are the main minerals used. Within the next 3 decades our supplies of Phosphorus and Potassium will be extinct for our Farmer’s, depending on Morocco and China for those minerals. The demand for high yields, profits of big business, quick turnover crops and chemical exposures are destroying our soils.  


Dr. Sherry Rodgers, a leading expert in environmental impact on health states it like this, “Clearly, in this era we need more antioxidant protection (which translates into electrons) than at any other time in the history of the planet Earth. We are exposed to more chemicals than ever before and have more depleted nutrient levels from foods grown in contaminated and depleted soils. Research shows that many of the top consumed foods in the last 50 years have lost more that 40% of their nutrient value”.

Super Dense Nutrient Foods brings antioxidant protection. As you detoxify your Liver, Gallbladder, and Bile Ducts through the use of Coffee Enemas you must be prepared to replenish these minerals. Minerals are used daily to combat over 80,000 chemicals in our Modern Environment. 

Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Manganese, Potassium, Sodium, Phosphorus, are just some of the mandatory minerals the body needs to ignite the electrical current which turns on our human light bulb. When you eat dead food there are no electrons, no current, no light. Watch, “Food Matters” a documentary that explains this fully on my website, 

The use of raw real food, full of minerals and enzymes, in a super nutrient dense smoothie is what I use after every Coffee Enema. As my body eliminates toxins I super charge with electrons. My “Jungle Smoothie” contains 3 cups colored, 3 cups greens, and 3 cups sulfur produce. I learned this well under Dr. Terry Wahls as she healed her body with MS in her book, “Wahls Protocol”. Your body uses major amounts of minerals daily, choose real food that heals. I always remember what Charlotte Gerson use to say, “You give the body what it needs and the toxins will just let go, the body wants to heal”.

Blessings for your Journey, 

A Votre’ Sante