Enema Procedure

Performing a coffee enema is not hard, the thought of it seems difficult but when actually mastered this time becomes sacred for relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. I turn on my flameless candles, get my timer set, ready my Vielight (633 Red) for detox, and make sure my coffee is warm not too hot for the colon. I place a mat on the floor with a protective covering (Car Window Shield Covers work Great) then, a beach towel on top of the mat with a pillow for your head. I set my timer for 10 minutes and begin the process below:

A. Insert the lubricated (Coconut Oil) enema tip into your rectum, keep the enema bucket on top of the toilet lid next to you, unclamp the clamp on the enema tubing and let the coffee begin to run in. Your position can be one of laying on your right side with knees bent up, or slightly on your back but still turned toward your right side. If able hold your enema bucket so you can lower the pressure as it flows into your lower colon. Once you become more aware of how your body feels you can adjust how fast you allow the coffee to enter by lowering or raising the bucket. My  best advice would be to try and eliminate first by having a BM prior to your enema procedure. If this in not possible, then once the coffee stops going into your rectum, like half of your bucket contents you will need to clamp the enema tubing with the tube still in the rectum (hold the tube with one of your hands while getting up) place bucket on floor next to throne and expel the blocking stool. Pull the enema tip out while you eliminate and set on top of the bucket. Keep the tubing clamped until you lay back on your right side, insert, then unclamp and continue with the Procedure ( Be aware the urge to expel might be forceful until your colon becomes less overburdened with  toxic load). 

B. After the elimination of ½ coffee liquid in buket (Tube is still clamped) lay back down on the floor inserting the tube for the remaining coffee. Continue lying on your right side with legs pulled up towards your chest. Once the bucket is empty start your timer for 10 minutes. If you did not have to get up to eliminate stool , turn timer on after the initial coffee has gone in. Now you can do one of two choices, up to you and how you feel:

Choice #1

  1. While you lay on your right side you can hold the empty enema bucket slightly above your body and wait for the surge of dialysis affect which goes through your liver producing Glutathione, you will then begin to see enema contents flush backwards into your enema tube.  This will give you a feeling of having to  eliminate. You then can lower your enema bucket and wait for this to pass, this also relieves gas which might build up in your colon.  I would encourage you to take deep breaths in and out as the bucket is slightly lowered with you on your right side. You can visualize the tube when breathing in as this action deeply pulls the contents of your bowels through the tube into the enema bucket.  Its amazing to notice that just taking deep breaths in and holding it creates a vacuum effective for drainage. Remember to keep the bucket lowered so the contents goes only in one direction (No backflow is wanted). If you cant hold just keep clamping and get up to expel.

Choice #2

  1. The other way to perform this is by laying on your right side  with knees pulled up to chest and let all the coffee enema contents go in at one time ( Works well if BM happens prior to enema). Once all in, turn on your 10 minute timer and take in deep breaths. Meditating or Singing I find also works well for relaxing and stimulating the Vagus Nerve. This is the time I insert my Vielight Red #633 into my nose for extra Brain Stimulation and Detox. If you have an urge to go clamp the tube, get up to expel. The goal is to be able to hold for 10 minutes receiveing maximum benefit for liver dialysis and Glutathione Production. As your liver is cleansed this surge response will produce a dumping affect. If not wishing to get up I just lower the Enema Bucket to allow some pressure to be relieved. After you become use to this procedure, the surging of the liver and contents flushing back into the tube will alert you when to lower the bucket. Once this has started keep your bucket lowered for the pressure to decrease and back flow going only one direction into the bucket. Once your timer goes off, clamp tube and get up to expel remaining contents ( Here is where I like to apply a drop on top of each large toenail of  Oregano Oil from DoTerra). Not only do I find this stimulates the Brain for release but is a excellent boost for antibacterial, antifungal,antivirus,antiparasitic, antioxidant,  and anti-inflammatory properties. While waiting for contents to expel rub your lower back or any area with pressure. The body responds well to touch and opens up these pathways for clearing. 


C. When done empty your bucket contents in the toilet and rinse. After rinsing place 2 Tbsps. of Borax Powder in your Bucket and clean with hot water rinsing all through bucket, tubing, and tip. Replace your tubing every 3 months, sold separately along with long brush for cleaning, sold on Purelifeenema website. Hang bucket over your shower head for drying until next time. I like to observe the contents of my stool by placing gloves on (Latex Free Sally’s Beauty) and checking consistency, color, form, quantity and parasite appearance. Many times after my enema's I have seen liver flukes, green stones from the Gallbladder, undigested food, and worms around the Full Moon. The more comfortable you become with your stool the better Detective you will be at identifying possible problem areas with your Health Journey. This is the most beneficial Detox Tool you will ever perform, be patient with yourself it does get easier with practice.

Blessings for your Journey