Electrical SMOG...

Cell Phones


WARNING:  Keep the cell phone 5/8 inch away from the ear when using it to prevent Radiation Exposure.  If you place a cell phone at body contact, you can exceed radiation limits up to 9 times US FCC limits. 

Wifi Routers


WIFI routers in the home is another large source of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies (EMF) which causes many Health Risks: Anxiety, Sleep disorders ...



Smartmeters. The wave of the future...Now you have two issues: 1) the Smartmeter sending High Frequency data to your household appliances and 2) Sending Wireless transmissions back to the Power Company. Both are harmful to your health.

Dirty Electricity


Today's appliances want to phone home their usage to the Power Company or just create electrical noise (florescent lights, dimmers etc.). In doing so, they create Dirty Electricity which affects your health.

Cell Towers


Cell towers are everywhere...Radiation from Cell Towers causes many health conditions: Headaches, Memory problems, Dizziness, Depression and Sleep problems.



What is Earthing? Our bodies need to touch the earth to receive one of the key elements to life: free electrons (charge). Without this charge, our bodies slow down...