The EMF Detective

The Elephant in the Room


Just like layers of an onion related to a toxic load build up in the body, so does the layers of Electrical Magnetic Radiation accumulate.

Dirty Electricity


Modern day Electronics have turned the power we use in our homes into dangerous fields of noise. The only problem though is this noise is silent.

Magnetic Fields


Magnetic Fields can penetrate all building materials. Therefore you should know how to detect and avoid them. The most unlikely sources will surprise you. 

Voltage Pontential


Voltage Potential is all around us. Babies and children are especially affected. Learn how to identify and eliminate these risks in your everyday home environment. 

Radio Frequency


Radio Frequency (RF) radiation has grown to exponential wave lengths never escaping our Ionosphere. This electro-smog permeates every aspect of our lives. Technology comes with a price, its not cheap.  

The EMF Detective


The EMF Detective is your modern day Technology Nerd. Find out how all things began and brought forth transformation. This old worn road now has footprints headed in a new direction, always looking for clues.