Detox Drainage...

Drinking coffee was a hobby for me. I loved a strong cup of robust beans roasted to perfection. I loved a smooth Latte with foaming froth touching my lips on a cold winter day. I worked with coffee, socialized with coffee, dated with coffee. I stayed awake with coffee, felt energized with coffee and simply loved the act of going out for coffee.


When I first heard of "Upside Down Coffee",  I was reading "Healing the Gerson Way" by Charlotte Gerson. I thought I had Cancer. 

Charlotte Gerson is  still doing coffee enemas daily in her 90's.  I thought if she could do this, then so could  I. My quest became not only the method but the research behind this act called, "Detox Drainage."  After all, how hard could this be...I had delivered babies as a Labor & Delivery Nurse  (When the Doctors were late), given life saving CPR when a patient Coded and been a Charge Nurse on a busy Cardiac Floor multitasking for 12-hour shifts...this was going to be a piece of cake. 

My first upside down coffee (otherwise known as an enema) I will never forget. I gathered my equipment, lit some candles, got some reading material, made up a nice cushioned mat (protected by towels of course) for laying on, even a nice soft pillow for my head. I remember thinking if nothing else my environment looked inviting. Actually, I had no idea what was about to happen. 

I was only about half way through when all of a sudden I had this terrible urge to EXPLODE!!! I barely made it to the throne and let it go, wow what a relief that was. In reality, this had only just begun. I learned that day how vital implementing a coffee enema would be in my life. I became a believer in the necessity of Detox Drainage. As I turned to looked inside the throne all I could see was hundreds of black pebble stones... It was a revealing moment for me, amazed how my liver had been clogged for 50+ years, full of toxins by  eating the "Standard American Diet." My liver was the main source of detox filtering poisons for my whole body, it had been clogged .  

And so I began my journey, my goal  of understanding the benefits of  "Coffee Enema's." 

Here's to the one who gave me the courage to begin, to believe my body could be healed if it only received what was needed to thrive. With much gratitude and thanksgiving, I dedicate this article to my mentor, Charlotte Gerson.

Charlotte Gerson

Charlotte Gerson

History of coffee enema's with
Charlotte Gerson.