Coffee Enemas...

Detox Drainage


When I first heard of  "Upside Down Coffee" , I was reading  "Healing the Gerson Way" by Charlotte Gerson-- I thought I had Cancer.

Vagus Nerve


The Vagus Nerve is the electrical pathway connecting the Gut/Brain axis together. All responses whether good or bad, happy or sad travel this Highway.  

Mineral Depletion


The minerals in our produce are only a fraction of what they once were. Since the 1980s, it has become evident our soils only contain approximately 40% of the nutrients to sustain health.

S.A. Wilson's Coffee


 The liver creates glutathione for detoxification best when the correct coffee is used. The S.A. Wilson's coffee is the only coffee specifically roasted for this purpose.

Enema Procedure


Performing a coffee enema is not hard, the thought of it seems difficult but when actually mastered this time becomes sacred for relaxation, meditation, and rejuvenation. 

Toxic Overload


The Journey of health depends on the body's ability to fight incoming invaders. We may not be able to see the threat but our brain feels the disconnect and sets off the alarms.