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Help clients determine some basic RF, AC Magnetic, Voltage Potential or Dirty Electricity remediation that can be done immediately.  

30 Minute Call $45

45 Minute Call $60

On-Site Home Evaluation


Sleeping Area Evaluation $250

Evaluate RF, Magnetic, Voltage Potential and Dirty Electricity in the bedroom. Includes a report of the measurements along with remediation recommendations.

* 2 hour On-site limit

* Additional hours at $125 per hour 

Full Home Evaluation $650

Using the GigaHertz Solutions HF59B, HFW59D and NFA 1000 meters, measure RF and AC Magnetic sources both outside and inside the home. In addition measure the Dirty Electricity and Voltage Potential in all living areas. Generate a report  of all measurements along with remediation recommendations. 

* Typical 3 bedroom 2 bath home

* 4 hour On-site limit

* Additional hours at $125 per hour

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