Client Services...


First Appointment.........................$125

First appointment looks at your detailed history and timeline. These forms will be sent to you prior to our first one hour appointment.  

Follow-up Appointments................$75

This type of appointment  involves personal guidance for your educational needs. This appointment is for one hour.

HTMA Trace Elements Lab............$250

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis by Trace Elements includes a full report. I also consult with Dr. Watts (Trace Elements Founder) on your behalf. A full report includes: diet evaluation for your identified metabolism along with Heavy Metal outcomes.  This report will give guidance to diet changes and needed mineral additions. Consult will be included in one hour appointment.


By becoming a Client of "A Votre' Sante" you agree to the following terms: All Information provided is for Educational Purposes only on this site. You should always consult your physician when making health decisions. Before using any diet or supplements  referenced on the site please consult your health care provider. Links to other content sites are for your convenience only. A Votre' Sante is not responsible for any loss, injury or damage that arises from this web site. You are responsible for any action you take regarding your medical care.

Appointments can be made by phone or Skype.

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