Breast Implants

The Body Burden Underneath my Skin

I had always been small chested and lacked the self-esteem of femininity.  After a divorce I had some money and felt now was the time to invest in myself. Little did I know how difficult the next 6 years of my life would become. I had done no research, no medical advice taken, nor did I weigh any pros or cons before this decision was made.  It took 30 minutes to implant 2 Silicon Breasts into my chest at the cost of $6,000. The removal of these implants took 6 hours at the cost of $60,000. Lab results showed an infection above my heart in my left breast with that implant leaking into my chest cavity wall. These implants were covered with a slimy fungus film, outside were thick fibrous encapsulations my body had formed in an attempt to protect me from these foreign pathogens.  

My total body burden was growing inside of me and I was unaware. I became chemically challenge to my environment, developed food sensitivities, muscle pain,  body swelling to extremities, extreme fatigue, outbreak of skin rashes, all leading to a crash of the life I once knew. At that time I was working as a Registered Nurse in a busy Labor and Delivery Unit with over 300 deliveries a month. I struggled now reacting to the latex gloves, foam hand-wash, chemicals they used to clean the floors in the OR and Labor Rooms. The worst though, was the body burden of Electromagnetic Frequencies with the devices I had to wear that carried a signal picked up by wireless routers. As the hospital went from paper charting to computer charting I could feel the anxiety increasing in my body and began experiencing hot flashes on a regular basis. 


Silicone Gel Inside Me

The silicon jell liquid inside my chest wall was like a homing pigeon. My electrical conductivity became an attraction with these new frequency waves conflicting with my own cellular body frequencies. Little did I know these frequencies were developing a ripple effect of opening up the most protective mechanism guarding my health. Radiation was increasing the permeability of my cell walls, I was a good antenna. When the effect of EMF radiation impinged on my delicate membranes they disturbed the ionic structure and destabilized them. It is now known that the loss of calcium from electromagnetic radiation on the cell wall causes membranes to leak. The phospholipid membrane of your Mitochondria now opens up by creating pores, this ultimately leads to damage of our cellular systems. These include DNA damage, Digestive Enzymes, Allergies, Fertility, with the most serious disruption of living membranes holding the "tight junction" barriers that protect our bodies (Andrew Goldsworthy BSc PhD, the role of Calcium, The Role of Cell Phone and the Cell, paper written 2008).

I am now on 6 years of breast implant removal. In those 6 years my body burden has expressed a cascade of viruses, bacteria, infections, mold impairment, heavy metals, parasites, not to mention the roller coaster of Central Nervous System inflammation with Brain and Psychological trauma. I understand now what a disrespect it was to treat my body in such a harmful way. I have researched countless hours of all the effects during my Timeline body burden. Looking back I can now see how this choice helped create the maximum toxic threshold my body could withstand. 

It is only after experiencing such trauma in your life you decide to never go back again. It is such a mark in your soul you never forget. You don't experiment with the possibilities, or the word of mouth solutions, quick fixes of pills, or the latest and brightest MD's who call themselves experts. For me, I chose those that had gone before me, who healed their bodies with truth, with Gods provisions, with logical healthy healing and fortifying nutrition the body could recognize.

Dr. Terry Wahls, author of the "Wahl's Protocol", healed herself out of a tilt reclining wheelchair with progressive MS by using real food. Dr. Wahls studied down to the Mitochondrial cellular level what the body needed to thrive.  I chose to believe Brenda Cosentino, my friend who healed her body after 20 years of everything you could imagine and on her death bed. Brenda used real food, changed her lifestyle and daily decisions to gain her health back. Brenda now thrives and assists others with their health issues on a daily basis. I chose Chris Walk a 28 year old young man diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer who denied the mainstream use of Chemotherapy to heal his body. Chris chose an unfamiliar, unknown path of healing with real food. Against the grain of family support, threats of doom and death, physicians who called him crazy. Today Chris Walk has written his first book, " Chris beat Cancer". I would highly recommend picking it up for encouragement and direction on your path towards healing recovery.  

I am grateful to say the decisions I have made in these last 6 years of recovery have led to a healthier life, a happier life, a more focused life. I know some out there are not yet able to understand the meaning to your journey, but you will. I would give you the only advice I can, the roads I have taken to prevent you from taking that wrong turn. Thousands of women with implants will experience what I have gone through, no one warned me. I am the Canary so maybe that has always been my destiny, to sound the alarm, prevent those from impending harm.  Some will listen, some will not, I understand. 

Blessings in Health.